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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cinta hati mama

Tq Allah diatas kurniaanmu ini... Alhamduliilah.. Alhamdulillah.. Alhamdulillah...
Dear my beloved husband & my precious Harith Naufal,
Mama sayang kamu berdua sampai akhir hayat mama...


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Harith Naufal favourite food....

Puree apple+pear+peach

Alhamdulillah my handsome boy dah pun 6mths+++... Setakat hari nie ekin dah bg Harith Naufal makan buah-buahan & sayur-sayuran dulu.. Ayam, ikan ekin akan bg bila Harith dah mencecah 7mths... Ekin sgt sgt cerewet bab pemakanan Harith sebab Harith allergic... (mcm mama dia) :( cian Harith kecik kecik lagi dah kena allergic.. Bfeed kan... huhu... So Ekin amik keputusan stop makan seafood buat selama-lamanya... Arahan daripada ibu mertuaku.. hehe... Sampai hari nie memang ekin langsung x sentuh seafood demi Harith Naufal.. & the result is eczema Harith getting better.. :)

Doc pun advice bg Harith Naufal mkn ayam bila dah berumur 7 bulan... Ekin siap prepare schedule utk Harith.. EXCITED MAMA!!! :) 3 hari Harith akan mkn buah, 3 hari seterusnya sayur... begitulah hari-hari yg seterusnya... Ekin dah try masak sweet potato + broccoli, sweet potato + carrot... Reaction dia ok.. dia makan.. tp bila dah x nak dia sembur... Sweet potato rasa dia manis rather than potato biasa... & vitamin pun lebih dari potato biasa... first time ekin bg Harith mkn potato biasa dia langsung x mau... pandai kan budak budak skrg nie... Then ekin bg dia puree buah... laju sungguh dia makan.. siap nganga mulut lagi... :) Dlm byk byk buah yg paling Harith suka ekin perasan puree pear+apple+peach... rasanya memang sedap.. nyummy!!! Ekin amik recipe kat internet..from Annabel Karmel.. nak beli buku mcm Dr.Halina x sempat sempat... so ekin copy paste je.. hahaha. :)

Can't wait nak tunggu Harith 7bln... Nak cuba resipi baru pulak.. :)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Na na na na na Ganu Kita........

Hi semua..

Sangat-sangat teruja & excited sebab hari rabu nie ekin & family in law akan ke TERENGGANU!!! Kali kedua menjejakkan kaki ke Terengganu. First time ekin ke Terengganu dgn my bestie... Kali nie teruja sebab bawak Harith Naufal sekali.. Yg bestnya ekin apply leave 2 hari.. Cuti sakan.. :) blh la release tension sikit kan... nanti blk office balik for sure keje berlambak.. hehe..

So dah kena start prepare checklist & kemas barang sikit-sikit hari nie.. kalau x confirm kelam kabut punye.. Walaupun travel ekin akan siapkan makanan Harith dulu.. Itu yg paling utama.. Walaupun travel ekin buat siap siap makanan Harith.. Ekin x mau bg dia Nestum segera tu... Air tangan ibu lagi berkat kan.. :)

Semoga Allah memberkati urusan kami & semoga perjalanan kami dilindungi oleh-Nya. Amin.....

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Rindu zaman bergelar "Housewife"

Sangat sangat rindu untuk bergelar housewife kembali...  Mungkin satu hari nanti Insyaallah.. Kalau boleh nak masakkan setiap hari untuk hubby, nak besarkan Harith Naufal sendiri, nak uruskan rumah tannga sebaik baiknya.. Tidak bermakna wanita yang menjadi housewife itu tidak berilmu.. Malahan masa yang terluang mereka boleh gunakan untuk menjalankan pelbagai jenis business lebih lebih lagi dizaman IT & globalisasi ini. Mentaliti rakyat Malaysia sahaja yang sentiasa berfikiran cetek, sentiasa memandang rendah kepada wanita wanita yang tidak berkerjaya ini.  Besar ganjarannya wanita yang melakukan pengorbanan (mengorbankan kerjaya yang dikecapinya demi menjaga rumahtangganya.) Masyaallah....

Setiap pagi bila saya lihat wajah hubby hati sy terdetik bila lah agaknya sy boleh menyediakan sarapan pagi, makan tgh hari & makan mlm utk suami saya... Sy cuma dpt masakkan utk hubby bila sabtu ahad sahaja.. Itupun kalau x balik Shah Alam. Kadang-kadang hubby saya sanggup berlapar sebab x nak makan kat luar.. :( hubby ckp mkn kat luar x sedap.. membazir je.. "mama masak lagi sedap" luluh hati nie dengar.. Namun apakan daya balik je rumah dah pukul 9mlm.. x sempat nak masak.. Setiap hari makan kat umah MIL.

Bila dah ada anak perasaan nak jaga anak sendiri meronta-ronta... Saya nak tgk sendiri Harith Naufal membesar depan mata.. Nak tgk perkembangan dia.. Nak bagi sgt sgt dia b'feed secara ekslusif.. Namun apakan daya saya harus bekerja.....Walaupun x dapat nak b'feed Harith secara ekslusif.. Namun ekin bersyukur sebab masih lagi dpt b'feed Harith sehingga hari ini.. Dan masih lagi dikurniakan oleh Allah susu yang banyak utk Harith.... Memandangkan ekonomi negara yang agak tinggi pada ketika ini no choice dua dua kena bekerja utk mendapatkan kehidupan yang lebih selesa. Hubby selalu ckp kalau boleh dia nak saya jadi housewife jaga anak anak sendiri.. Insyaallah pasti akan jadi kenyataan satu hari nanti.. :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Six Month Milestones

Your 6-Month-Old Baby: Six Month Milestones

With one milestone coming after another, the sixth month is chock-full of new adventures for your baby.
1. 6 Month Old Baby: Six Month MilestonesIt's halftime through your baby's first year (Wow, already?), and your little one may be sitting on her own, eating solid foods, and possibly even sporting her first tiny tooth. She'll be working harder than ever at communicating with you — and she'll be commanding your attention (so put down your cell phone and start giving baby her due).

Physically, your 6-month-old baby is moving closer to moving around (if she isn't already). She can probably roll over from both front to back and back to front, and she may surprise you by wriggling all over the room this way. Soon, your baby may begin to crawl, or to prepare for all-fours forays by hoisting herself up on hands and knees and rocking backward and forward (or oftentimes, just hilariously back — diaper first into the nearest corner). She probably enjoys being held in a standing position so she can bounce up and down (this mini-workout is strengthening her leg muscles to prepare them for the real thing: walking). If you place her in a sitting position, she may be able to hold herself upright. From here, she'll love grabbing anything she can get her paws on — and stuffing it directly into her mouth. Make sure she has plenty of safe toys to chew on, because mouthing objects is one of the wacky yet wonderful ways she learns about the world around her.

Your baby's language skills are soaring, too. She isn't ready to form words, but she'll happily practice making lots of sounds, imitating what she hears. And she'll use her growing repertoire of sounds and movements to let you know what's on her mind (whether you can understand what she's getting at is another story). With her burgeoning communication skills ripe for the learning, now's a good time to begin teaching her some simple sign language. She'll soon connect your hand movements with the wants and needs she's trying to express ("more," "eat," "milk," "all done"), and it won't be long before she can make the signals herself. She also loves games and finger-plays like itsy bitsy spider and patty-cake — or any silly song or sound you care to repeat (and repeat and repeat). Don't be surprised if she tries to chime in on the chorus. When it comes to dining, make room for baby because she'll probably want to belly up to the table now when you're sitting down to a meal, and she can safely begin eating solid (well, mushy and goopy) food. She'll continue to get the vast majority of her nutrients from breast milk or formula, so don't pay too much attention to whether the tidbits on her plate actually make it into her tummy. Her meals now are more for learning (small-motor skills, swallowing, table manners!) than for calories and nutrition, although you should, of course, offer her nutritious foods. (You might want to stock up on paper towels as she digs in — and flings every other bite!)

Five Signs of Teething

The Five Signs of Teething

Somewhere between three and twelve months, your baby's teeth will make their grand, grumpy entrance. Here's how to read the signs of teething, and ease your baby's discomfort.

Just when the days of colic and ceaseless crying seemed to be behind you; when your baby was maybe, just maybe, sleeping through the night; when she was starting to settle into a regular routine…here comes the tooth fairy to throw you both for a loop!
When does teething begin? Although your baby's first tooth can appear anywhere between three and 12 months, sometime in the seventh month is the average time of arrival. Surprisingly, though, teething symptoms can appear as much as two to three months before that first tiny tooth does. Symptoms and severity vary greatly from one baby to the next, but you may observe one or all of the following:

Drooling. You might find that your baby's shirts are suddenly soggy. Fasten on a bib to keep her more comfortable (and cleaner), and gently wipe her chin throughout the day to stave off chapping (if that doesn't work, ask your doctor about a mild moisturizer such as Aquaphor or even Lansinoh nipple cream). Pooling saliva may also cause a slight cough or even trigger the gag reflex. If she's otherwise healthy, you can safely ignore both.Gnawing. She's not trying to be naughty. Little nips at your fingers, breast (ouch!), or her spoon help relieve the pressure she feels from under her gums.Crying. Some babies breeze through teething with nary a whimper, while others suffer from a good deal of pain — which they feel compelled to share with you in the form of whining or crying. Talk to your doctor about when to administer pain relievers such as infant acetaminophen or ibuprofen.Fasting. Since sucking movements can worsen teething pressure or pain, your baby may refuse to nurse or eat, or may nurse briefly and then turn away. Keep at it, and call your pediatrician if the strike lasts more than a few days.Waking. Especially when she's working on cutting that very first tooth, your baby may fuss during the night as well as during the day, so be prepared for a little extra crib-side duty for a while. Doctors disagree on whether diarrhea and fever may also be signs of teething (though most moms who've been through it will tell you they are). Even if you think you can chalk up these conditions to an about-to-arrive tooth, mention them to your doctor if they last more than a couple of days.

Regardless of the symptoms your baby exhibits, you'll be desperate to give her some teething relief. Counterpressure often feels good on the gums, so offer her something hard to chew on — extra points if it's icy cold, which provides a numbing sensation. Try a frozen washcloth; a nubby teething ring or toy; or a biscuit (always supervise her). Or offer cold drinks or food. You can also try rubbing her gums firmly with your (clean) finger — she might not appreciate this at first, but will after the pressure begins to ease her throbbing, sore gums.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My handsome boy turns 6 months old...

Anak mama & papa dah besar dah.... Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah.. TQ Allah.....Today Harith Naufal turns 6 months old... how time flies....Anak mama dah blh mkn solid food... yeayyyyyyyyyyy!!! & mama dah kumpul byk recipe... mama pulak yg OVER!!! :) Harith dah pandai menyiarap dah angkat bontot sikit mcm nak merangkak pun ada... gigi pun mcm nak tumbuh je abis semua benda harith gigit.... Basah semua cadar kena air liur harith tau..

First solid food Sweet potato+Broccoli...

Keep smiling my dear... Be a good boy, anak yg soleh... Mama & Papa Love you so muchhhhhhhhhh!!!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mama fault!!!!

Peristiwa nie berlaku hari sabtu lepas... sampai hari nie ekin still lagi rasa bersalah yang teramat amat sangat..  weekend ari tu kitaorg gi Melaka.. bawak mak tok gi kenduri kawin sepupunya... On the way ke Melaka ekin pangku Harith.. Mula mula memang letak dia dlm carseat.. tp dia nak menyusu mak tok pun pass harith kat ekin.. lepas je bg dia menyusu dia pun tdor... as usual lepas je menyusu harith tdor.. biasalah dia tau mama dia ada dia nak bergayut je.. :) Masa pangku harith ekin tiba tiba rasa ngantuk yg amat.. ekin try lagi tahan mata... ekin peluk dia kuat kuat.. takut terlepas... UNFORTUNATELY EKIN TERLELAP JUGAK... THAT WAS A BIG MISTAKE yg ekin dah buat... punyelah tahan mata tp ekin tewas jugak dgn GODAAN SYAITAN.. uuwaaaaaaa..terlepas sekejap harith.. terlepas sikit kepala dia terhantuk botol... mama minta maaf sgt sgt sayang.. mama letih sgt sgt.. sampai terlelap.. Then, hubby marah ekin giler giler punye... ekin menangis ok.. sampai hari nie pun ekin still menangis lagi... sebab memang salah ekin.. ekin x blh terima.. ekin so careless... :(:(:( mak tok ckp padan muka kena marah... uwaaaaaaa.. mak sendiri pun marah jugak... Iya memang patut pun kena marah..

Sampai je Melaka ekin tgk kepala harith ok x ada apa apa.. tp blk je rumah... kitaorg tgk ada benjol warna merah... semua org ingat bisul ke, kena gigit nyamuk ke... ekin terus ckp dgn hubby... ekin rasa benjol tu sebab smlm.. hubby ekin dia lagi takutkan ekin bg ekin rasa bersalah.. sabar jelah.. pastu kitaorg tuap kepala dia.. Alhamdulillah benjol tu dah x ada pg nie ekin check.. Ekin punyelah takut, cuak... takut sgt apa apa jd kat harith..  Ekin janji nilah yg pertama & terakhir ekin buat kesilapan mcm tu... lepas nie ekin akan lebihhh berhati hati.... Syukur Ya Allah kau beri aku peluang utk aku mengubah kelalaian yang ada dlm diriku ini....

Dear Harith Naufal: Mama minta maaf sgt sgt sayang.. minta maaf sgt sgt.. mama sayang harith sgt sgt.. sampai hari nie pun mama menangis.. Mama promise mama x akan careless lagi... love you always...

Bila Musim Exam Menjelma!!!

Hi all,

Lama x update blog nie.. kalau blh nak update setiap hari setiap saat.. cewahhhh.. namun apakan daya kerja BYK SGT SGT!!! sampaikan rumah pun dah mcm tongkang pecah... :( kesian kat hubby.. Sampai je rumah dah mlm pastu LETIH x hingat... sblm nie masa jd housewife memang relax je... sedap je mata memandang tgk rumah kemas, cantik... dah keje balik memang lah ekin pun geram tgk umah sendiri.. Bj yg nak dilipat memang setiap hari jumaat mlm ekin settledkan... bj yg nak dibasuh kdg kdg hubby tolong sebab kesian tgk wife dia x sempat... huhu... ini semua keje punye pasal.. :) walaubagaimanapun ekin sgt sgt bersyukur.. walau letih mcm mana memerah keringat pun itulah punca rezeki kan... Sejak ekin keje kat IMU nie honestly ekin rasa tenang sgt sgt.. STRESS tu memang ada.. mana ada keje x stress betul x? cuma stress tu x sama mcm ekin keje kat company sblm nie... Kerja yg ekin buat skrg sgt sgt bermanfaat in future kalau nak jd lecturer.. Sekarang ekin keje kat Exam Unit (Academic Services Department). Sangat berbeza dari bidang yg ekin keje sblm nie Telco company. Byk sgt ekin belajar & ekin lebih matang setelah menghadapi pelbagai dugaan yg ekin tempuh sblm nie..

Kawan-kawan kat sini pun semua baik baik belaka.. always helping each other... Leader pun x lekok ilmu... environment kat sini sgt sgt best... dan yg paling best sekali jobscope.. sebab kita buat keje kita je.. x de pun issue kene buat keje org lain punye... Boss ada dua org.. Jaswant & Gobi.. Both sgt sgt matured.. boss akan dtg cari kita bila nak confirmkan apa apa or bila ada issue timbul... that's all.. Kat sini memang setiap org akan handle programme masing masing.. Alhamdulillah syukur sgt sgt diberi peluang keje kat sini. Cuma satu je keje non stop. Sentiasa je ada keje.. sakit jugaklah tulang belakang nie dibuatnya.. huhu... Kitaorg kene coordinate exam daripada A-Z. Lepas je lecturer submit exam paper bermulalah Tsunami.. Sebab nak kene follow-up dgn lecturer utk endorse paper, then bila dah confirm x ada changes br blh print paper tu ikut total number of students. Tp kena unsure exam paper tu x ada answer ok.. kalau x abislah!!! Kalau ada changes dok print jelah kejenya sampai la ok... Then kena siapkan tagging number utk lekatkan dekat meje.. Then kena prepare student name list, kene prepare venue plan.. semuanya under Exam unit.. Fuhhh.. Exam paper kene ready before 1 week exam... Lepas dah siap semua nie barulah REHATTT sekejap.. :) Paling stress bila abis je exam nak kena pulak marking. Naik juling mata check... Sekarang brlah tau susahnya nak marking exam paper.. lecturer akan marking essay paper.. bahagian kitaorg kena marking MCQ.. yg hitamkan jawapan tu... even kita scan guna system.. tp kita kena jugak verified one by one... itulah part yang paling paling ekin rasa BOSAN kot.. ;)

After marking kene prepare student result & EBM..  Examination Board Meeting... Lepas result dah release barulah blh RESTTTT dgn aman.. :) Walaupun beban kerja blh dikatakan berat jugaklah kan namun ekin sgt sgt happy kerja kat sini.... So itulah sedikit sebanyak jobscope ekin setakat nie.. hopefully dpt lah bertahan kerja bertahun tahun kat sini kan.. letih la asyik tukar kerja je... Semoga Allah memakbulkan impian sy ini.. amin....