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Thursday, May 6, 2010


Yesterday digi staff diberikan suntikan percuma.. untuk mencegah virus H1N1.. Memandangkan ada yg telah dijangkiti di office maka Digi mengambil langkah pencegahan dgn memberikan suntikan kepada setiap staffnya.. kalau di luar harganya mungkin 100 ke atas.. tp kami sgt bertuah kerana ia nya percuma... :)

Dan sgt2 la sakit selepas jab.... pedih yg teramat-amat sekali.. sy memanglah x suka benda2 yg blh menyakitkan ini.. :( tp, dah besau kenalah thn kan.. Semoga Allah menjauhkan penyakit ini dari kami sekeluarga...

Antara langkah-langkah yg dilakukan oleh Digi untuk megelakkan virus ini berleluasa.

Important update: We are pleased to inform you that the vaccination is progressing well with more than 1100 employees already inoculated. However, it is important to remember that the immunity will only be effective over the next 2 weeks. In the interim, we must continue to raise our guard and to observe these guidelines:

Please do not switch workstations during this time, remain as much as possible at one location so that we can minimize exposure between employees and ease the tracking of employees
2. Keep meetings small, cancel all meetings with more than 10 people
3. We would like to limit exposure to our Contact Center, please refrain from scheduling your meeting at the Lot 10 Contact Center
4. Please Work@ if you have flu like symptoms and fever (above 37.5 C)
5. Team-building sessions are currently deferred until further notice
6. As communicated earlier, observe good hygiene and please put on a mask if you are having minor flu like symptoms
7. We strongly advise all those identified as Level 1 to follow these guidelines immediately.

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